Membership Information

The Purpose Of Alumnae Chapters

The Purpose of alumnae chapters shall be: to encourage and foster cordial social relations among alumnae members of the Fraternity, to strengthen interest in the Fraternity on the part of all members of the Fraternity in the area concerned, to assist any collegiate chapter under the  direction and with the permission of the collegiate district officer, to recommend personnel for collegiate chapters, and to suggest favorable fields of extension.

Why Join?

For most of us, the bond of sisterhood we experienced during our collegiate years was a unique experience. The challenges and demands of careers, families & life, though ultimately rewarding, can limit opportunities to connect with women like ourselves on a regular basis.

Our shared experience through Tri Delta provides an immediate connection, despite where we grew up or where we attended school.

Building on this foundation, our alumnae chapter has become a close-knit community which provides friendship, fun, laughter and encouragement to one another.  We offer activities throughout the year and work to create opportunities not only for socializing, but also professional networking, collegiate support, and philanthropic endeavors.  

Dues...Why Do We Need Them?

As Tri Delta alumnae, we all have a common bond. When we had the privilege of joining as collegians, we made a lifetime commitment to support the Fraternity, and supporting our local alumnae chapter is one way we can fulfill this commitment. 

A strong alumnae chapter ensures a successful place in the Greek community for Tri Delta, both locally and nationally. To fund the organization, provide quality programs, communication and support including scholarship and philanthropy, we rely on dues, and we can't do it without your help.

So..... if Tri Delta is important to you, if your life has been made better by your experience as a Tri Delta, if you want to give back, if you want to support the local collegiate chapters, if you want to meet new women from all over the country or just have a reason to get together with local friends, please consider joining us today. It will feel great knowing you have helped keep Tri Delta alive and well, and we look forward to meeting you!

Become a Member of the Portland Alumnae Chapter!

Dues can be paid via cash, check, debit, or credit.  

If you would like to pay online via debit or credit simply go to the "Online Dues Payment" page. The button to pay dues will be active soon we are waiting on updated rates for national dues.

National dues $24 are required from all members, unless you have previously become a Life Loyal member
Portland Chapter dues $24 for most members, $16 for local Golden Circle eligible members (those who initiated before 1972), and $0 for New Grads in their first year as alumnae, are used to pay operational costs for the chapter and help offset the cost of events.

Please make your check (for $24, $48, $40, or $24 depending on your category above) out to "Portland Alumnae Chapter of TriDelta" and be sure to list your school and graduation year in the memo field.

Then mail it along with a note stating your full name if it isn't on our check to:

Rykie Kelly
52648 Maria Ln
Scappoose, OR 97056